Torkla is a house with a rich history. It was built in 1862 and initially smelled of olives and freshly pressed oil. It was a “torkljarna” – an oil press, then turned into a restaurant business, that offered the classics: prosciutto and pasta. In the year 2000, the owner renewed the house and managed it himself, but then he leased it. Before we got our hands on the house, the house had been vacant for two years. We reopened it and revived it together.


Most of the time our restaurant smells of grilled meat, which is why guests prefer to come to us. We are best known for our grilled beef, which melts in your mouth while tasting its juiciness. We are also excellent at preparing truffles, which combined with pasta or meat, create a harmony of flavors and satisfy the taste buds.


We are also very well known for cold appetizers, which have become our symbol. We like to taste  food and we love Spain and its excellent tapas, which have inspired us several times to prepare various dishes that we like to surprise the Torkla’s guests with. Regardless of the season, the master chef will always receive you with a special welcome – with his homemade pate, onion marmalade and homemade bread.

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