Enjoy the flavors

In the hinterland of Izola between the vineyards is the home of the house Torkla. You will be warmly received by the hosts at the entrance and brought into a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere, suitable for family lunches and romantic dinners. The view of the genuine Istrian environment is also a part of the pleasure, but above all, you will certainly be impressed by our offer. Creatively made and carefully prepared dishes, are the real masterpieces of the exceptional master chef. He wisely takes care of every detail on the plate and from carefully selected fragments makes an unforgettable whole, which looks like a work of art. But above all the master chef never ceases to amaze us. Different flavors, which you would have never thought possible to match, intertwine on the plate and blend into a brand new culinary experience.


Our offer of wines ranges from the Primorska region to its borders and beyond. In our cellar you can find Slovenian wines from Vipava and Goriška Brda, but also an array of excellent foreign wines – French and Italian wines and Cabernet from California.

Family business

Andreja and Sebastijan. We've been together for 18 years. Our gastronomic career led us to different places and restaurants around Slovenia, where we’ve gained a lot of experience. One of the turning points in our careers was working in the restaurant Pri Vitezu, under the guidance of Luka Lesar.


Most of the time our restaurant smells of grilled meat, which is why guests prefer to come and visit us. We are known for grilled beef, which will melt in your mouth, while tasting its juiciness. We are also excellent at preparing truffles, which combined with pasta or meat, create a harmony of tastes and satisfy the taste buds.