In the Torkla’s house we are masters of meat. On our outdoor grill we prepare masterpieces that have a common denominator: quality, matured and well-rested meat. Just as it should be. But that’s not all by a long shot.
We are also extremely proud of our cold appetizers, which seduce even the pickiest eater. They combine all the features of our cuisine and have already become synonyms for an exceptional culinary experience. In fact, they reflect the unique spirit of Torkla’s house team. We love Spain and its excellent tapas, which have inspired us several times to prepare various dishes that we like to surprise the Torkla’s guests with. Regardless of the season, the master chef will always receive you with a special welcome – with his homemade pate, onion marmalade and homemade bread.

Our offer will fulfill the expectations of meat eaters in particular, but lovers of seafood and vegetarians won’t be disappointed either. You can let yourself be seduced by cold and warm appetizers, but the genuine temptations are the main courses. For those with a sweet tooth, we won’t leave you empty handed, excuse us, empty mouthed either. Basil ice cream will become your favorite ice cream flavor.
Our dishes, genuine, varied and colorful, will surprise you. The combinations of ingredients and flavors on our plates guarantee unforgettable pleasures that you wish would never end.

It’s not difficult, visit us, we are masters of unforgettable culinary experiences.